Our unique approach provides management during the lifecycle of the project including an array of professional services and entrepreneurs and investors connections mainly to start-up, emerging and stagnant healthcare businesses.

Market Research and Intelligence

Healthcorp conduct studies on existing healthcare facilities and institutions in the target market with their capability and description.

We help you determine the need and type of new healthcare facilities based on demographic studies and current supply in a specific geographical area.

Expert Concept Development

Healthcorp infuse valid business ideas to your venture through modern options. Our solutions have their seeds from the entrepreneurship and expertise.

Our concept development includes alternatives and options in the area of venture development, perspective studies, infrastructure planning, environmental and ecological considerations and transfer of technology. We conduct market research, prepare feasibility studies, costing and budgeting in support of the concept development package provided to you.

We co-ordinate with the owners to create value for the end users, clients and patients.

Innovative Strategic Planning

Development of healthcare ventures beyond the concept is a multi-tasked process and requires experience in the relevant technology and local culture and regulations.

Our strategic planning services is comprehensive that takes into account the needs of governmental authorities, shareholders, regulations, business advisory, financing, investors and other stakeholders.

We take you through to prepare the RFPs and other necessary tools to develop the concept to a venture.

Executive Operational Supports

Healthcorp provide executive operational support and packages which are based on modern economic concepts that promote the venture, help in cost cutting and help the organization and venture to be positioned in a leading position within their fields.

  • Company Organizational Structure
  • Human Resources Management
  • Patient and Customer Services Policies and Procedures
  • Patient and Customer Financial Policies and Procedures
  • Patient and Customer Satisfaction & Opinion Surveys and Reporting
  • Medical Information Technology and EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  • Media and Marketing Package
  • Equipments Planning, Selection and Procurement

Business Strategy and Re-Engineering

Strategic planning and management after operation is critical to healthcare projects in the modern complex healthcare industry.

Healthcorp provides strategy advice and board membership for ventures to help their growth and provide value investment for the shareholders and service excellence for the consumer.